BIT’s 1st Annual World Congress of Digestive Deseases-2015
December 11, 2015
18th Dec 2015 - 20th Dec 2015    Nanjing, China 

The congress consists of eight cooperative, specialized programs tailored to the needs of people with different types of digestive disease, and to the exploration of better digestive disease care. Exciting program will broadly covers the field and provide new insight into clinical research and therapeutic intervention. Emphasis will be placed on novel innovations that have a foreseeable impact on human health and disease. Specific areas of interest include Clinical Service, Interventional Therapy, Diagnostics and Therapeutics for GI, Liver, Bile and Pancreatic Diseases, Digestive Health, Nutrition and Disease Prevention, Gastroenterological Biology, Digestive System Cancers, Imaging, Endoscopy. Delegates will enjoy the great opportunity to discuss the new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish research relations or business cooperation, and to find global partners for future collaboration.