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Lap. Parastomal Hernioplasty (Sugarbacker Technique)

  • Dr. Sanjiv Haribhakti
  • Operative Findings: Large parastomal hernia with small bowel and omentum in it No peritonial mets No free fluid in pelvis Operative Steps: Position - supine Painting with betadine Draping with sterile towels Pneumoperitonium created with varies needle at rt subcostal region 5 mm port inserted Other two 5 mm port in the epigastric region and in rt lumber region Hernia reduced, adhessions were seperated Defect closed with transfascial sutures with prolene 2 0 sigmoid colon was retracted with the Hammock 5 mm rt subcostal port is converted to 12 mm 15 - 20 cm lotus provisc mesh inserted Initially the corners of the mesh fixed with transfascial sutures With the help of metal tackers double crown fixation of the mesh done Haemostesis achieved 12 mm port sheath sutured Skin sutured.