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Occupational Hazards "Better Prevented than Cured"

  • Dr Sanjiv Haribhakti
  • What are Occupational or Professional hazards?

    An occupational or a professional hazard is something unpleasant that one may suffer or experience as a result of doing one’s job or profession that can lead to illness or death.

    Why are Occupational hazards important?

    Occupational or Professional hazards are important, as they are much more common than we think. One estimate suggests that they happen in 80% of people in their working lifetime. Further, these hazards significantly limit the ability of the person to carry out one’s own job and profession due to chronic or acute health problem. This significantly diminishes the productivity not only as an individual, but collectively can hamper the economic growth of a developing country such as India, where a majority of the population is young and is employed or working.