Laparoscopic Hernia surgery course
Course Contents Presentations 1. Lap. Anatomy of Inguinal Hernia 2. Principles of ventral Hernia repair 3. Parastomal hernias and other rare hernias 4. Implants & Fixation devices, Instrument sterilization techniques 5. Complications of hernia surgery and it’s management Videos 1. Lap. TAPP for Inguinal Hernia 2. Lap. TEP for Inguinal Hernia 3. Lap. Ventral hernioplasty for paraumbilical hernia 4. Lap. Ventral hernioplasty for incisional hernia 5. Lap. Ventral hernioplasty for epigastric hernia 6. Lap. Sugarbacker hernioplasty for parastomal hernia 7. Lap. hernioplasty for femoral hernia 8. Lap. hernioplasty for diaphragmatic hernia 9. Lap. hernioplasty for large hiatal hernia Self-assessment and review